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about us

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter’s Association was founded in 1966 for the purpose of uniting the exportes of fresh fruits and vegetables located in the Aegean Region under a single roof. Basic goals of the association are to improve the reputation of the sectorand to carry out activities toward increasing exportation. With its more than 300 members and exportation of over 700 million dollars to 170 countries annually, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporter’s Association aims to be your permanent adress for tastiness and freshness.

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association

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Number of Countries Exported to


Types of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Types of Processed Fruits and Vegetables


Number of Active Members


about aegean region

While the Aegean Region makes it possible to produce a variety of agricultural products with its Mediterranean climate, fertile and irrigable lands and plenty of sunshine, it also sets the grounds for the development of a processing industry of almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables and products deriving from them. Most important factor regarding such development is; the climate, specifications of the land, proximity of products and ease of transport. Therefore the majority of the population in the Aegean Region makes their living by agriculture. Half of our nation’s consumption is distributed from the region.


Advantages and Specifications of the Region

  • Production of various products due to the climatic differerences between coastal areas and inland, exportation of much of production, and supplying of about 50% of the domestic needs.
  • Broadness of transport links, enthusiasm of producers in appyling agricultural techniques, production in compliance with the demands of abroad markets, traceability in production, goodagricultural implementations, organic production
  • Ease of obtaining products, convergence of food related industrial facilities in the region and their export based activities.


Products raised and processed in our region

Cherries, grapes, citrus fruits, pomegranates, cucumber, pepper, chestnuts, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes.


Countries products are majorly exported to

Germany, Russian Federation, Italy, Ukranie, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lebanon, Netherlands, United Kingdom.


Prominent processed products in our region

Cucumber and pepper pickles, canned fruit and vegetables, frozen fruit and vegetables,

dried tomatoes and other vegetables, tomato paste, sauces, fruit juices.


Countries processed products are majorly exported to

Germany, USA, Netherlands, Untited Kingdom, Italy, Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada.

our products

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Processed Fruits and Vegetables

  • Citrus Fruits

    Among citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and mandarins are grown in the Aegean Region, Stasumamandarin is the most important product produced and exported in the region. This fruit which is seedless, juicy, thin skinned and easy to peel is highly eligible for exportation thanks to such features. Aside from this, Enterdonat and Lamas type lemons and Washington Navel type oranges are the top exported products. Thanks to the suitable climatic conditions in the Aegean Region which make enable it to grow many kinds of citrus fruits, it is possible obtain products from September to late April, eight month a year. These products which are highly suitable for table top consumption are exported to all over the world with the help of modern storage and transportation opportunities.

  • Grape

    Aegean region is of the most productive fields in Sultana, a seedless and yellowish green coloured type of grape. Sultana grapes are highly suitable for direct consumption or drying due to their rather sweet taste, and are mostly exported to European Union countries and the Russian Federation. Aside from Sultana, many kinds of grapes such as Superior, Razaki are freshly grown and exported.

  • Cherry

    Turkey ranks in the first place in cherry production. As one of the most important fruits in the Aegean Region, it is grown in accordance with world standards across the inner parts of the Aegean Region where summers are hot and winters are cold. With its aromatic taste, juicy nature and convenient preservation conditions, Aegean Region cherries are among the most preffered cherries in the world. Particularly the Aegean kind of cherry with the nutritional values and healthiness of which have been scientifically proven, is the most preffered cherry in Europe’s supermarket shelves

  • Pomegranate

    Turkey ranks in third places of pomegrenate production in the world due to its moderate climate and Aegean Region is highly suitable for pomegrenate production. Its color, convenient size and taste make pomegranates one of the most exported product in the Aegean Region.

  • Fig

    Fig, one of the most healthy and tasty fruits that nature offer, is another imported product grown in Aegean Region. For the fresh consumption, black fig is produced and exported many countries while the green one can be considered for dried consumption. The warm winters and hot summers makes Aegean Region a very suitable area for fig production.

  • Chestnut

    Turkey ranks the third place in the wolrd chestnut production and Aegean Region realizes more than %80 of the chestnut production. Whith its bright brown color, big and round shape, chestnut is very suitable for every purpose of consumption. From september to november, Aegean chestnut is exported many countries, especially EU markets.

  • Peach

    Turkish peach production takes an important place in the world peach production and exportation. The varieties grown in Aegean Region have yellow and juicy fleshes. The excellent aroma and smell makes Aegean peach very preferrable in domestic and international markets. The varieties grown in Aegean are also easy to transport and storage.

  • Tomato

    Thanks to the availability of production in greenhouses, tomato is suitable for production and exportation for 12 months a year and is one of the most.Important export item of the Aegean Region for both table consumption and industry. All products of tomatoes including juice, paste dried, conserved can be produced in high-tech facilities in Aegean Region.

  • Pepper

    Turkey is the world’s third biggest pepper producer. With the help of greenhouses, production and exportation of peppers can be actualized in the Aegean Region 12 months a year, as both fresh consumption and processed products. Especially Lombardi, Banana, Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Macedonian and red hot peppers are preferred in market shelves.

  • Pickled Vegetables

    Main Export Products:


    • Pickled Cucumber

    • Pickled Peppers

    • Lombardi Pepper

    • Pepperoncini Pepper

    • Jalapeno Pepper

    • Banana Pepper

    • Macadonian Pepper


    • Hot Pepper

    • Pickled Vine Leaves

    • Pickled Capers

    • Other Pickles

    • Pickled Garlic

    • Pickled Beets

    • Pickled Cabbage

    • Mixed Pickles

    In the Aegean Region especially cucumber / gherkin and many kinds of peppers are processed and pickled in techologically and hygienically advanced facilities and exported to all corners of the world. Numerous firms involved in the production and exportation of pickles in the Aegean Region provide their customers with many options from production to packaging Besides cucumber and pepper pickles, a traditional Turkish product, pickled vine leave and especially stuffed vine leave is very popular in EU and Middle East markets. Also capers that are used in different kitchens are among the most exportable products of Turkey. All kinds of pickles are packaged delicately according to customer preferences.

  • Dried Tomatoes and Other Vegetables

    Main Export Products:


    • Dried tomatoes

    • Dried tomatoes in oil

    • Dried pepper

    • Dried mushroom

    • Dried eggplant

    • Dried Zucchini

    • Dried Okra

    • Other Dried  Vegetables

    Dried tomatoes are especially among the most important export goods of the Aegean Region. Not only can it be prepared during the hot and low level humid summer, but it is also made with drying methods in special ovens 12 months a year, making it one of the most preferred products by the buyers. Furthermore, dried tomatoes preserved in oil stand out in supermarket shelves for direct consumption.Addition to dried tomatoes, many types of vegetables can be exported to all parts of world. Many products produced in Turkey like pepper, mushroom, eggplant can be also served to the customers in dried ways. All the vegetables are washed and sliced, processed with sulfuric or salted solutions and made ready in different packaging options according to the demands of the customers.

  • Tomato Paste and Sauces

    Main Export Products:


    • Tomato Paste

    • Pepper Paste

    • Ketchup

    • Mayonnaise

    • Ajvar Sauce

    • Paprika Sauce

    • Lemon Sauce

    • Vinegar

    • Pomegranate Molasses

    Although it is possible to find almost all types of  canned products, Aegean Region is known as the heart of tomato paste production. Natural, fresh, carrefully selected and additive-free tomato pastes produced in the region are always an indispensable product for every type of kitchens. Aside from tomato paste, grated tomatoes are also very suitable and practical for households. It is also possible to serve different kinds fo sauces for Aegean companies from breakfast to dining to the customers. The sauces made of fresh vegetables from Aegean Region make the dishes more delicious and thus a wide range of sauces from this region can be seen in international markets regularly.

  • Preserved Fruits and Vegetables

    More than 50% of processed fruits and vegetables companies are located in Aegean Region and one of the best advantages of these companies is the easy accessibility to harvest area of these products. Thanks to this condition, all the fruits and vegetables are processed and preserved without losing their freshness at facilities.There is a wide range of processed fruits and vegetables like roasted peppers and eggplants,canned peas, beans, artichokes, carrots, corn and mixed vegetables which are highly suitable for direct consumption and listed among majorly exported products of the region.

    Main Export Products:


    Roasted Vegetables

    • Eggplant

    • Pepper

    • Zucchini


    Canned Fruits

    • Cherries and Sour Cherries

    • Apricots

    • Peaches

    • Plums

    • Citrus Fruits



    Canned Vegetables

    • Artichoke

    • Beans

    • Peas

    • Carrots

    • Mushrooms

    • Corns

    • Mixed

  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

    Upon being frozen within only hours following harvest, almost all vegetables with tomatoes, peppersand potatoes being prominent, and widely raised fruits like strawberries, cherries and sour cherries are prepared and exported according to buyers' demands all year round. Products which are frozen at -40 degrees Celsius with the help of advanced technological methods are supplied to buyers all around the world, packaged under similar technologically advanced conditions.

    Main Export Products

    • Frozen Tomatoes

    • Frozen Peppers

    • Frozen Potatoes

    • Frozen Spinaches

    • Frozen Corns

    • Frozen Onions

    • Frozen Mixed Vegetables

    • Frozen Strawberries

    • Frozen Cherries and Sour Cherries

    • Frozen Rasberries

  • Fruit Juices and Other Beverages

    In addition to frozen and dried consumption, fruits harvested in the Aegean Region are also used in fruit juice production and provided for the buyers’ choice. Fruit juices produced from different fruits are preferred in international markets. Aside from fruit juices, wines and beers are also distinguished with their quality and taste.

    Main Export Products:


    • Concentrated Apple Juice

    • Orange Juices

    • Lemon Juices

    • Mixed Fruit Juices

    • Water

    • Mineral Water

    • Wine

    • Beer

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